A woman in a leopard dressing gown and a pink face mask, making a surprised gesture behind a dressing table

Sarah Blanc

Residency Dates: Fri 16 - Sat 24 Feb 2018

At artsdepot, Sarah will be developing her second solo My Feminist Boner.

We are constantly being told to make ourselves hairless, fatless & snot-less. Be a calorie counter, an exercise freak and figure out how to contour. This is the story of how the world helped Sarah grow her feminist boner.

During her residency Sarah will develop My Feminist Boner into a high-quality solo dance comedy piece ready for touring. The work explores contemporary concepts of beauty and asks why the world wants women to be beautiful. To take the work to the next stage, Sarah will collaborate with a Writer/Dramaturg who will support her to develop her writing skills and help cement herself as an artist working across art forms. Sarah is currently working with an Access Consultant who will mentor the development whilst in the space.

Sarah Blanc is an Irish working class artist based in London. Her work sits on the perimeter of both theatre and dance. She wants to continue to explore both art-forms but be able to push the theatricality of my work much further. Her work has been described as dance meets stand up meets theatre that is able to interact with and draw an audience in without alienating and terrifying them. She enjoys talking about real events but filtering them through an unexpected form. Along with making solo work she is artistic director of Moxie Brawl, an all female inclusive dance theatre company that makes work for outdoors, indoors and places where dance shouldn’t be. Her first solo show It Started With Jason Donovan is currently on tour and won the Space to Dance Award at Brighton Fringe Awards 2016.

Twitter @sarahblanc | Instagram @thesarahblanc