Mwansa Phiri x Visual Sauce

Mwansa Phiri's headshot. Mwansa is smiling and looking directly into the camera. She is a black woman with dark brown shoulder length hair and she is wearing a bright orange cardigan. Behind her is a grey pebbledash wall.

Mwansa Phiri is a London based playwright and producer. She is an alumna of Soho Theatre Writers' Lab where she wrote her debut play Talking Stages which was shortlisted for the 2022 Tony Craze Award.

She was awarded a Seeding Space artist residency from London Performance Studios to develop her second play waiting for a train at the bus stop. This had a sold-out run at VAULT Festival 2023 and was shortlisted for the 2023 LET Award. It won the 2023 Eclipse Award and Keep it Fringe award and will have a run at Summerhall in August 2023 for Edinburgh Fringe Festival, with support from Soho Theatre’s Edinburgh Lab.

Visual Sauce is a brand new production company with an aim of bringing untold stories to the stage and screen, and tapping into the power of art and storytelling to create social change.

During her artsdepot residency, Mwansa will be working on Next Level a choose-your-own-adventure rap musical about four friends who get trapped inside their video game. Exploring themes of privacy, hyper-surveillance, technology addiction and free will, Next Level is an immersive mind-bending play with multiple endings.

Find the team online:

Mwansa Phiri
Twitter: @mwansarp
Instagram: @mwansarp

Visual Sauce
Twitter: @visualsauceco
Instagram: @visualsauceco

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