Jennifer Jackson

Jennifer Jackson headshot, face-on to camera. Jennifer is a Latinx Anglo-Bolivian woman with short brown hair and brown eyes.

Jennifer Jackson is a Midlands born Latinx Anglo-Bolivian theatre-maker, movement director/choreographer and performer.

Jackson’s work interrogates the ways that women and girls use their bodies, her relationship with the UK, and the complexity of living between cultures. Underpinning all the work is the idea that space is intimately bound up with power.

During the residency, Jennifer will be working on Pas-de-deux, a celebrational durational performance with a large cast in a series of encounters for two people at a time. Mixing everyday movements, social dance and physical storytelling, Jennifer will be exploring the biometric data that is generated by these moments of connection.

Through the form of the Pas-de-deux, a historically gendered dance, Jennifer wants to subvert this idea, and create a series of duets, to create moments of play between a wide range of people. The cast will be an ensemble of both non-professional and professional performers, encompassing the demographics and experiences of the communities that live in the locality.

The collaborating team includes idontloveyouanymore, and Simon Carroll Jones.

Find the team online:

Jennifer Jackson
Twitter: @JenoirRenoir
Instagram: @JenoirRenoir

Twitter: @idont_love_you
Instagram: @idontloveyouanymore_insta

Simon Carroll Jones
Twitter: @sicarrolljones
Instagram: @sijethrojones

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