Our Sustainability Goals

We are committed to becoming an environmentally sustainable organisation. Although we know there is still a long way to go, we’d like to highlight some of the actions we are taking in order to improve artsdepot’s sustainability.

  • We’ve reduced the use of our escalator, only switching it on at peak times, which saves up to one tonne of CO2 a year.
  • We ask those who are able to use the stairs rather than our lift. By doing so, our energy use decreases by 10%. Help us use energy only where we need to by keeping our lift free for those who really need it.
  • We encourage customers to bring their own cups. You can save 20p on every hot drink in our cafe by bringing your own cup or mug. Buying one tea/coffee a day in a disposable cup can generate up to 23lbs of waste every year. Go on, get that hot chocolate, we know you want to.
  • We have a free water refill station in the cafe on Level 2. By refilling your own bottle, you’ll help us to reduce our plastic waste by up to 1500 bottles a year.
  • We’ve installed motion sensor lights. In certain areas of our building, the lights will only switch on when movement is detected, helping us to save energy and on our electricity bill!
  • If you’ve used one of our toilets (they are open to the general public during our opening hours), you might have noticed that instead of a conventional flush, we use a hands free self-flushing system. It all sounds very high tech, but it helps us save water!

There is more we are working on behind the scenes, and we’ll share more updates as we continue to work towards being a more sustainable organisation.

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