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Louise Orwin

Residency dates: Mon 2 - Fri 6 Nov 2020

Brave New Worlds wants you to be a teenager again.
It wants you to build universes from your bedrooms.
It wants to know what your utopia looks like, and who you are in it.

This year I discovered the world of Discord and the world of online teenage role-play. As a self-confessed Discord-idiot, something broke open in my heart and my brain when I began to learn about the possibilities of these online spaces. I became obsessed with the idea of teens building entire universes from their bedrooms- spaces where identity is fluid, where decisions are crowdsourced, and where you’re only limited by your imagination. Could this be the future? At a time when the outside world feels hostile and the future seems uncertain, why not retreat into the virtual where what happens next is entirely up to you? Standing on the precipice of re-building ourselves and our worlds post-quarantine, can we make like teenagers, and begin to imagine this from our bedrooms?

Working alongside Discord-experts (real life teenagers), Brave New Worlds is a brand new project which begins as a deep dive into these online practices to ask what we can learn about ourself and the future.

Louise is an artist working across performance, video and text to create research-based projects which ask what it means to identify as queer and femme in a world which prizes heteronormative patriarchal narratives. Her work is provocative, political and slippery, and borrows gloriously from pop culture.

Find Louise online:
Twitter: @louiseorwin
Instagram: @louiseorwin