Daniel Hills: BRAIN

Daniel Hills: BRAIN.

Work in progress performance as part of Room: Mixed Bill 2 on Fri 18 Nov.

BRAIN. looks to explore the fragility of the organ that creates everything for us it connects the senses, pain and our emotions. It’s Christmas eve 2015, the day my families lives changed forever. My Dad, my hero, the man I looked up to, the man who accepted me and my sexuality and who was always there for me was placed into a medically induced coma due to the infection that traveled to his brain ultimately causing brain damage . My Dad, a man who had many jobs; builder, caretaker, courier and father was now a man who has to relearn everything that made him the man he once was. BRAIN. explores the expectations my Dad has had to deal with and how these become irrelevant when your own body can destroy and remove any sense of who you are.

BRAIN. is a one man variety show, one mans journey to relearn and rediscover oneself. Watch as I roller skate, dance and sing my way to discovery.

Twitter: @danyallhills