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Brian Mullin

Residency dates: Mon 12 - Fri 16 Apr 2021

Writer / performer Brian Mullin and company will be developing the digital design for his autobiographical show LIVE TO TELL: (a proposal for) The Madonna Jukebox Musical. Trapped in a disabled body, Brian wants to reinvent himself - just like Madonna. But when real-life survival with HIV clashes with the pop musical form, things change quicker than a Ray of Light... The show documents Brian's attempts to pitch himself to the Queen of Pop as the perfect person to create a glitzy musical of her songbook. That doesn't exactly pan out, but more importantly it shows the complications of life on HIV medication as issues of risk, shame and guilt start to infect Brian's consciousness and the show.

During their residency the team will be working with archival audiovisual material from the height of the HIV/AIDS crisis in the 1980s-90s to create the crucial 'Dream Ballet' sequence of the show. Brian will be working with designer Josh Anio Grigg, director Deirdre McLaughlin, co-performer Dan de la Motte and producer Steph Weller to create this standout sequence where the historical epidemic is layered over Brian's present experience in a kind of 'queer time' music video breakdown. They'll be exploring the long-term physical and emotional effects of an epidemic even decades after it may seem to be "over", a topic that is all the more relevant during these times.

Find Brian and the team online:
Brian Mullin - @bamullinspeaks
Deirdre McLaughlin - @DeiMcL
Dan de la Motte - @dandelamotte
Steph Weller - @stephweller