Join artists Varjack-Lowry for an online workshop

Published: Fri 8 Jan 2021

Artists Varjack-Lowry are looking to work with a group of womxn of different ages for online workshops on Friday 22 January, taking place at 11am - 12.30pm and 6 - 7.30pm.

The artists are developing a new piece of work called I, Melania, exploring what it means to be foreign and female, questioning the cost of belonging. Using Melania Trump as an avatar I, Melania delves into her journey from home country to public life, raising questions around how societies view and respond to ‘foreigners’.

In these workshops, Varjack-Lowry will lead you through creative ideas, activities and tools to explore the project themes. There will be writing tasks, short performance tasks and opportunities to share personal reflections to the themes. No previous experience is required and you will be supported to try the activities out as you feel comfortable.

The workshops will be hosted on Zoom so if you don’t have it already you will need to download it ahead of the session. The session will be recorded and you will need to have your camera on for the session. Recorded footage may be used in future performances of I, Melania

Who are these workshops for?
These workshops would suit anyone with a ‘relationship to foreignness’. What do we mean by that? Maybe you were born in a country outside of the UK, maybe one or both of your parents were born outside of the UK, perhaps you have features, skin tone or accent that cause people to question where you are from, or maybe you have experience living part of your life in a country where you didn’t grow up. All experiences and connections are welcome and of interest to the company.

Varjack-Lowry are interested in working with anyone in the following age categories:
Young womxn aged 16 - 25
Womxn aged 26 - 35
Womxn aged 36 - 55
Womxn aged 55+

How to take part:
If you're interested in joining one of the workshops, please email Both workshops will be the same, please let Varjack-Lowry know which you would prefer to attend. 

About the company:
Varjack-Lowry is a collaboration between artists Paula Varjack and Chuck Blue Lowry that aims to develop a distinctive visual, theatrical and participator practice; merging skills derived in filmmaking, theatre-making and participation. Both Paula and Chuck have foreign mothers (Ghanian and Italian respectively) and British fathers and are both based in London.

Varjack-Lowry will be working on I, Melania during a Creation Space Residency at artsdepot in June. Read more about the project here