Ellen Havard

Residency Dates: Mon 6 Feb – Sun 12 Feb

Ellen Havard used the Creation Space mini-residency to develop a devised production of Rapunzel for children and their families, with the aim of touring to arts centres and music festivals. The production will be part theatre performance, part gig.

Rapunzel plays guitar in her prison and sings the blues; what else would you do if you’re stuck at the top of a tower with no neighbours to bother and no friends to play with!? One day someone hears her songs and together they work out a way to free Rapunzel from her prison. The well-loved tale, with a bit of a twist and a shout...

This R&D was an opportunity to workshop the production, with particular focus on dramaturgy, lyrics and composition. Ellen was  working with musicians and actors including members of the team behind Hurricane Boy which toured to artsdepot in Autumn 2015.

Twitter: @ellenhavard