Alice Boyd and Rosa Garland dressed as men with drawn-on sharpie beards, Rosa wearing a "Make Earth Great Again" hat

Alice Boyd & Rosa Garland

Residency Dates: Mon 28 Oct - Sun 3 Nov

Alan and Ron are sweaty. Really sweaty. Something weird is happening with the weather, and they’re trapped in at work as the heat rises. What the heck is this? They didn’t become foley artists to work weekends.

As they continue to soundtrack climate change documentaries, it becomes harder and harder to describe what’s going on. Alan is growing leaves and Ron can’t stop crying. Plus, they both hallucinate the same penguin. Can they escape to a new universe? Can they create it?

Alice and Rosa are not only sweaty, but very excited to get to know these men during their residency. They love to make work that helps us imagine new futures in the face of crisis. Also, they are idiots, but in a sexy way. Credits include Lights Over Tesco Car Park and Art Heist (Untapped Award 2019) with Poltergeist Theatre.