Private Rooms & Studios

The Dance, Drama, Art Spaces, Meeting Room and Creation Space can be hired individually, or all together in conjunction with a theatre space. These rooms can be used for classes, workshops, training days, community events, rehearsals or breakout sessions.

Dance Space

artsdepot’s dance space offers a sprung floor, full-length fixed mirrors, ballet barres and is equipped with a sound system. Large windows allow natural light into the space and the studio benefits from a high ceiling, giving it a spacious and airy feel. It can easily be converted into a business meeting room and can also be hired for workshops, auditions & private social occasions.

Drama Space

The drama space is a ‘Black Box' studio offering a sprung floor, portable mirrors and a sound system. The room is ideal for rehearsals, workshops, small scale and intimate performances, meetings, photo shoots and private social occasions. Please ask about temporary lighting options available for small scale performances.

Art Space

This space is equipped for any type of art class, demonstration or workshop from painting to drawing to crafts and sewing. There is natural daylight and access to a sink.

Tables and chairs can be provided in all of our three spaces upon request.

Small Meeting Room

The room can accommodate up to 8 people conference style for meetings or is ideal for 1-1 tuition & interviews.

Creation Space

Floor to ceiling windows leading to an outdoor balcony give the room a light airy feeling and additional entertaining space. The room also benefits from bi-fold doors offering the flexibility of one large space or two smaller areas ideal for workshops, meetings, rehearsals, breakout sessions or mid-scale parties.

Hire Fees - Full Payment

Creation Space
Full day £340 / per hour £45

Creation Space as performance space
Hire fee + VSA (£10+VAT pp ph, minimum call 2 hours) + Technical (£25+VAT pp ph, minimum call 4 hours) + ticket printing £5+VAT

Dance Space / Drama Space / Art Space / bardepot
Full day £260 / per hour £35

Ground Floor Foyer
Full day £250 / per hour £35 (if added on to another space)

Hire Fees - Charity Rate

Creation Space
Full day £260 / per hour £35

Dance Space / Drama Space / Art Space / bardepot
Full day £180 / per hour £25

Ground Floor Foyer
Full day £200 / per hour £25 (if added on to another space)

Level 2 Meeting Room
Full day £60 / per hour £10

Venue Data

Dance Space - Reception6072
Dance Space - Theatre Style5072
Dance Space - Movement Class3072
Drama Space - Reception6085
Drama Space - Theatre Style5085
Drama Space - Movement Class3085
Art Space Reception50
Art Space - Art Class25
Small Meeting Room8
Creation Space60110