MINE: Maiko Yamamoto and Hokuto sit on a table with laptops. They are wearing head mics and smiling. The screen behind them shows a pixelated rainy landscape.

MINE reviewed by Emmanuel

This was an entertaining show, telling spectators about the relationship between mother and son through the fun videogame known as Minecraft. It is a story about how Maiko Yamamoto tries to get her son, Hokuto, off his obsession with Minecraft, but also bonds with her son using the game.

There were many different soundtracks - about ten! As well as this, there were three large screens placed along the back of the stage so that those seated at the rear of the theatre would still see what would happen. On the stage there were blocks which lit up when a friend appeared, and grew dimmer when an enemy appeared. It helped create a contrasting atmosphere.

The characters were always changing very quickly to show the different themes of the show. I liked the theme of The Child Who Was Born On The Space, and how they had to make a 'space station' on the 'Moon' after defeating the dangerous Ender Dragon. I quite liked how different themes - such as Beowulf and The Terminator - were used to show the relationship between mothers and sons.

I would recommend this show to ten-year-olds who are Minecraft fans, and they should come with their mum. Overall I would rate it a 4 out of 5 stars. It was an emotional experience and I really liked it.