Weekly What-To-Do (16 Apr)

| Thu 16 Apr 2020

Welcome to the Weekly What-To-Do list!

We hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend, and that you were able to enjoy a bit of the gorgeous weather. This week, take a peek at magical musical instruments, drawing tutorials, dance classes, crafty activities, and a brand new album!

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Online arts to enjoy

The magical I, Piano, is a show for children aged 4+ about music, shadows, and making friends. It was due to be performed at artsdepot, but was sadly cancelled due to the closure. You can enjoy a short filmed performance online, by going here to the show's website, or going here to YouTube.

We love having Comedy Club 4 Kids perform at artsdepot! On Sat 18 Apr at 10.30am, Next Up are live-streaming a Comedy Club 4 Kids, perfect for young audiences ages 6+. Enjoy a hilarious show from the comfort of your own home, for free, on YouTube or Next Up's website.

Musician Ben Caplan co-created Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story with 2b theatre company, and they performed the show at artsdepot in 2018. He is currently performing live streamed concerts on his Facebook page! You can enjoy his music for yourself by clicking here.

Musician and comedian Vikki Stone showed off her amazing skills at artsdepot last year. She and Katie Mulgrew have created #ZoologicalSociety, a musical for grown-ups about the gossip and happenings between zoo animals. Listen to the concept album here.

Activities to do at home

We had The Pirate Cruncher with us in Oct 2019, an adaptation of the wonderful book by Jonny Duddle - who ran an amazing workshop with us too. Doodle along with Jonny Duddle on YouTube, and learn some drawing skills of your own. Click here for the video.

Creative masterminds Anna and Arji at A Line Art have brought Ready Steady Lift Off and Ready Steady Go! to us in the past. You can watch Watch Make Do online every week, where Anna and Arji take you through crafty activities. You can support their work by donating here.

Artist Residency alumni Handprint. Theatre work to create accessible education projects for d/Deaf and hearing participants.Their Twitter is currently filled with activities and projects to keep young people busy at home! Click here to find out more.

Luke Brown Dance are one of our Artist Residency alumni, and create heartfelt and meaningful narrative through theatre and dance. Their weekly morning dance class, DANCE ONLINE, is free to participate in! All you need to do is head here to sign up.

Community spotlight: Big Beat Playground

A family gathering to enjoy everything Electronic Dance Music, all based in Barnet! Big Beat Playground regularly hold events at artsdepot, bringing music, activities, a wellbeing room, and more to get dancers moving, young and old. 

You can enjoy a 20 minute live stream of music every Sunday on their website here.

Spread some positivity!

WWII veteran Tom Moore, who is 99, raised £12 million for the NHS by completing 100 laps of his garden. He plans on finishing another 100 laps, as his fundraising campaign received donations from over 100,000 people.

Click here to read the whole story - and donate to his campaign here.

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