Spiltmilk's It's Your Move! Update

| Fri 25 Sep 2020

We had a blast working with Spiltmilk Dance this Summer as part of their ongoing project It’s Your Move! 

Spiltmilk Dance worked with 9 people from across Barnet, each from a different decade of life, to create a brand new short dance inspired by anything of the choreographer’s choice. These sessions led up to a celebratory sharing of all the dances, performed by Spiltmilk Dance in our Studio Theatre on Thursday 22 October.

We are delighted to highlight two of our Community Choreographers:

Cheniece Warner, 20s:

"I would recommend taking part in It's Your Move to anyone! You will not regret it. My favourite part of the experience so far is having the wonderful dancers and mentor take part and engage with tasks and discussions. They are all so encouraging and ready to try out any ideas!"

Linda Rose, 70s:

"I really love working with the team on It's Your Move. It's an incredibly moving experience and I always feel as though we're very much in tune with each other. A real nourishment after the arid time in lockdown!"

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