Free Schools Workshops Accompanying Performances of TESS

Performers wear rustic 19th Century style costumes. Centre stage, one performer poses as Tess, with her arms out, mid-dance, hair billowing behind her, looking straight down the camera lens. Behind her, other performers are exhibiting acrobatic skills.

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Ockham’s Razor are offering free workshops to schools who book to see one of the performances of TESS at artsdepot on Wed 20 & Thu 21 Mar. The workshops will be run at the school in the days following them seeing the performance.

Workshop Details:
The workshops will be run by a team of workshop facilitators made up of cast members, the creative team, and other associates of Ockham’s Razor. The facilitators will travel to the school to deliver the workshop in the days following the students seeing the performance.

The workshop’s run-time is 2 hours, and the recommended workshop capacity is up to 20 students. There is flexibility with this number and, when required, two workshops can be run at the same school to accommodate larger groups.

Tess of the D’Urbervilles is included in the A Level curriculum and is also relevant to Drama students at both GCSE and A Level. There are two main workshop formats: one aimed at English students and one aimed at Drama students.

After the workshop, Ockham’s Razor will provide the schools with a written and digital resource pack featuring interviews from the creative team and QR code links to clips of the performance.

The workshops would ideally be held in the week following the students seeing the performance. If a school expresses interest, we will communicate with them directly to arrange a date/time that fits with their schedule and the facilitator’s availability

The workshops will be offered for free to state-funded schools.

Any schools interested in participating in the workshop scheme should email or call Turtle Key Arts’ office on 020 8964 5060.

Schools tickets for TESS at artsdepot are £15. The performance is suitable for ages 12+. Find out more.

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