a boy holding up minecraft swords

MINE reviewed by Kaylah

MINE is a play inspired by Maiko Yamamoto’s relationship with her son who loves playing Minecraft.

We walked into the square theatre hall with balcony seats and rows of red seats at the bottom. On the stage ceiling there were three dim yellowish lights shining down and the stage floor had three large glowing Minecraft blocks. There were 3 desks arranged on the stage where the performers/players were seated and behind them there were three very large screens.

On the large screens you could see the game being played and sometimes words and dialogue were displayed. There were some props like fishing rods used in a scene where Maiko is going fishing with her son. They used the fishing rods to catch white foamex fish held by members of the audience. The fish had a velcro square on them to attach to the velcro fishing rods. Costumes were also involved, as all the children were wearing yellow and black chequered shirts and a man was wearing a deer suit for the role of Bambi. There were many different sound effects like talking, laughing and explosions.

I would recommend MINE to gaming parents and children all over the world. They included small movements when the performers were not seated and standing by the tall microphone doing small steps in all directions. What could be better is less of the different stories as it was very confusing switching to each one.

Overall I think it was amazing and it made me feel excited but because most of the action was performed in Minecraft it felt more like watching a film than a play.