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Creative Freelancers: Shaping London’s Recovery

Published: Thu 9 Dec 2021

artsdepot have been working with freelance dance artist Sarah Poekert as part of this programme. It has been extremely beneficial and we will be implementing learnings from working with Sarah for the residency programme next year and across our work in general.

About the program:

This programme enabled a diverse group of freelancers in the culture sector to come together to explore and make recommendations on the future of freelancing. It supported ambitions to improve working conditions and training, as well as advocating for the statutory changes needed for freelancers. Creative Freelancers: Shaping London’s Recovery has amplified the voices of the self-employed in the culture sector, giving space for freelancers to shape and demonstrate their role in the recovery of London’s creative and cultural industries, as well as in wider civic spaces. 

The programme brought together up to 50 diverse freelancers from across the performing arts, including performers, directors, writers and designers, with up to 50 leaders of partner organisations, funders, councils and other key decision makers.


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