Art and Academic Drawing

Tue 16 Apr – Tue 9 Jul 2024

Art Space

Art and Academic Drawing

Tue 16 Apr – Tue 9 Jul 2024

Art Space

Collage of work produced by the art and academic drawing group. A watercolour drawing of cacti, a detailed pencil still life, a colourful abstract acrylic painting of a snake, another detailed still life depicting a floral vase and fruits.
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General sale is open from Tue 25 Jun 2024 at 10:48pm.

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£12.50 per class, bookable per term


Art Space


4.45pm - 5.45pm

Age suitability

8 - 14

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The academic drawing classes are a great opportunity for kids who show an interest and talent for art and would like to expand their skills.

These classes are focused on academic drawing and painting. The course aims to provide broad knowledge of still life and figure drawing, composition, perspective and use of classic art materials such as pencil, tempera paint, aquarelle and chalk.

Work will be done in small groups. Each child needs to present a couple of artworks or do a trial in order to join.

Presented by Mia Studio Art

This is not an artsdepot produced class, but is an independent hire. Therefore, some discounts do not apply.

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