What is Socrates' phone number?

Caitlin Griffiths: What is Socrates’ phone number?

Work in progress performance as part of Room: Mixed Bill 1 on Wed 16 Nov.

A woman invites you to read through a script with her, where you each play your part. Through a combination of scripted words, and speaking your own, the performance is designed to be gently unsettling and thought provoking.

What is Socrates' phone number? begins with an understanding of how our brain works - how actions and memories of actions create the same neural pathways. The script has been taken from conversations the artist has with an AI (www.cleverbot.com) and crafted using coaching methods, counselling models and interrogation practices. The work invites participants to consider their own desires and motivations and aims to playfully disrupt their understanding of who they are.

Caitlin Griffiths is an artist based in Birmingham and London. Central to her work is the idea of identity being created through a process of exchange and she often creates supportive environments for conversations to take place through which each of her and her audiences identities are revealed.

www.caitlingriffiths.com & www.arthistories.co.uk
Twitter: @artist_caitlin
Instagram: @artist_caitlin