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The Bone Ensemble get ready for their residency

| Fri 27 Jul 2018

Ahead of The Bone Ensemble's residency in our Creation Space, Mon 30 Jul - Fri 10 Aug, we got them to tell us a bit more about themselves and their plans.

Can you tell us a bit about The Bone Ensemble?

The core of the company is Jill and Adam, and we’ve been making theatre together since about 2004 alongside our other performance work. We have a sort of growing family of collaborators who we work with according to projects. We have just finished a long tour of a family performance called Where’s My Igloo Gone? It also visited artsdepot. (We gave ourselves a collective high five when we managed to get all of our bits of set into the artsdepot lift in one go!).

How would you describe the work that you create?

We like to make new work and we like to surprise our audiences (we don’t do ‘fourth walls’!). We are especially interested in current stories and issues, and responding to places. We often use original music and song or voice work. We just made a sort of ‘mis-guide’ in Stoke, where we imagined we were in Basra (Iraq) and took people on a journey around the canals. The parallels are spooky: both cities have canals, make pottery, and have a place where two waterways meet…

What will you be working on during your residency at artsdepot?

We are in the early stages of a new family performance called Gulp!, it’s all about water.

What elements of the project will you be developing while you’re here?

The subject is very big, so for the first few days we will be finding our way into the key things that seem to work best, then will start to make some first decisions about what to develop. We are involving our audiences in early ideas, in a workshop with young people. We are also testing early design ideas – there has to be water on stage – and that we get the age group and early content right. We are also working with a new performer – who is learning to play the musical saw! – and a new designer.

What’s the most useful thing to have with you in the rehearsal space?

Post-It notes to stick on the walls! Preferably lots of different colours.

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