A woman in a medieval maid dress and a man in a panto page costume. She's holding a mic, he's holding a saxophone, they're both smiling brightly.

5 Reasons to love Cinderella - The Rockin' Panto

| Wed 18 Sep 2019

Cinderella - The Rockin' Panto opens its doors on Sat 30 Nov. We've asked the cast, creative team and artsdepot staff members why they think you should join the panto party.

It’s full of live music!

It’s called “The Rockin’ Panto” for a reason. I’m responsible for putting the party in the panto with 18 rock, pop and soul hits, all performed live by our incredibly talented cast of actor-musicians (who play at least two instruments each!). Cinderella is full of songs you’ll know – it’s all the best bits of panto crossed with a really great gig. My favourite song is Get Lucky as it really sets the mood, and Rubella De Zees singing Price Tag just because it is such a tune, but I’m excited to see which songs you’ll love. - Ben Goddard, Musical Director

It’s got the best bits of a traditional panto – oh yes, it does!

Good guys to cheer, villains to boo and an enchanting fairy tale at its heart – our Cinderella hits all the right notes. There are the great colourful costumes, and what would a panto be without its dame? Actually, we have two of them: Our Ugly Sisters are ready to crack all your favourite catchphrases and maybe get a pie in their faces, but hey - no more spoilers from me! - Peter Rowe, Writer and Director

It’s a professional panto on your doorstep.

My tip: Listen and see if you can catch your street name or some local landmarks in the show! Cinderella is made in Barnet, for Barnet, and of course we’ll try to include as many local references as we can. And you’ll spot our team and cast all around the borough – maybe in your local shop? That’s what’s great about our panto: You don’t have to travel all the way to the West End for the glitz and glamour. Just hop on the bus, and the professional panto is right there. - Francesca Cross, Community Champion

It’s fun for all ages.

You don’t have to sit quietly during a panto – we actors cherish the whoops, cheers and shouts from the audience. And it’s so much fun for the whole family to get involved! Let the long-established panto fans take the lead with their “It’s behind you!”s, and the little ones will soak up the hilarious mayhem that ensues. And I bet that there’s at least one favourite song for each generation in the show! - Steve Simmonds / Baron Hardup

You can enjoy a big night out.

We’re pulling all the stops so that you can enjoy a great night out. Have you seen our package offers? They include souvenir programmes, drinks and food, so that you can enjoy a carefree visit to the theatre. Our café and bar will be open, and there’s lots to discover with our Panto Costume Gallery, appearances by local choirs and our Winter Showcase when you’re here. - Louisa Bartlett-Pestell, Director of Programming

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