party animals

Party Animals



Jim jolly giant Jellyfant

Goes galloping and gobble

Part-picking plums, part-potting plants

With one wet, wibble wobble


The manky mauve Meringue-Utang

Comes crawly crunch and crispy

His hair all hippy hoppy hangs

With whiskers, wild and wispy


The prickly pimpled Porkypie

New needles nip and nasty

Can crust or crackle, cripple, cry

A plump and pickled pastie


But bouncing barefoot, bobbing bum

Comes criss-cross Currant Bunny

Two tumble turns, tail over tum

Slips sloppy side up sunny


For fatty Flipoppopotoftea

For Fumble Bumble Beastie

For fangs, for flippers, fly or flea

For all, the forest feastie.

by Judy Davies

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