a boy holding up minecraft swords

MINE reviewed by Jaydon

To start off this review I'll talk about the start of the performance.

I really like how at the start that there was the story where the mum and son were at the grand canyon because there were these warning signs on the canyon that kept showing up throughout the story.

Before I start about the full performance I'll talk about the stage effects. On the stage were glowstone blocks that would light up in a happy part or dim/redden in a more intense or sad part. In my opinion I like that effect and the glowstone because it's a Minecraft performance!

In the performance I love how it's live on Minecraft, for example in the terminator storyline they had a factory which is different every time or at the end with everyone on horses going different ways. Also at the start I enjoyed watching the kids having fun playing Minecraft and they were speaking to each other.

The performance had no problems, it was perfect!

Overall I really enjoyed this performance and I would watch it multiple times. I would rate it a 4.7/5.