Lucy Crowe / Fly No Filter: Glorious

Lucy Crowe / Fly No Filter: Glorious-Mia

Work in progress performance as part of Room: Mixed Bill 1 on Wed 16 Nov.

Six artists delve into Mia's memories to unravel how life got messy.  Through bboyin' and spoken word, Mia journeys from a funeral, to the consequences of mid 90s RnB slo jams, to being a mum.  Glorious-Mia is a delicate, and ugly exposé on the female role in hip hop culture, lessons in folding paper aeroplanes, controversial emotions of motherhood, and learning to let go even if there is a crucial incapability to correctly eat spaghetti.  It is about learning to fly, and soaring.  It's about Love.  Glorious-Mia is for hip hop heads who don't attend the theatre, and theatre audiences unaccustomed to hip hop.  Targeted at 12yrs - adult, the narrative is relevant to everyone who is, or ever has been a teenager, and for everyone who is, or will be a parent.  The work aims to be a discussion point, especially between parents and the adolescents in their lives.
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