wiggle and a giggle

Wiggle and a Giggle



The Lion gave a mighty roar, “Remember I am King”

The Jungle Folk queued by the door, each one would “do his thing”


Upon his bed there lay the Lion, he’d been there quite a while

For though he was as strong as iron, he could not laugh or smile

And all the Jungle Folk would try and change this situation

A dance, a song a silly joke to end, the Lion’s frustration


First by beating on his chest, the Cheeky Chimp began

Jumping up and down with zest; the King remained dead pan! 

Next was Jimmy the Giraffe, he’d give the King a ride

Surely that would make him laugh, his neck would be a slide

“Jimmy you’re too tall for me,” the stubborn Lion said

“And riding you, I’m bound to fall, I’d rather stay in bed”


Then came along a big beaked bird, by name of Toofy Toucan

He said  “King, when I say the word, just laugh, yes, me and you can”

The King said, “thank-you it’s a no, I’d like to take a rest”

He told the Toucan he should go; he wasn’t much impressed



“I will make you laugh out loud,” said Meany the Hyena

“I am the expert in this crowd” (you really should have seen her)

She showed her rotten teeth and grinned, then pulled a silly face

She blew her nose and let off wind, a terrible disgrace

“Did you think my performance rocked? Perhaps a little tweak?”

The Jungle Folk were all so shocked, that none them could



Now all the animals were there, the Panther and the Monkey

The Hippy Hippo, Dancing Bear all fighting fit and funky

They couldn’t make, not one of them, their Lion laugh at all

Until one day into the den, crawled something very small



It was the creepy centipede, His legs were never ending

To make you laugh I can succeed, and that’s what I’m intending

But they all sneered, “Make him laugh? You ugly little thing”

Go home said Jim the tall Giraffe, do not insult our King”


The Lion said “HEY! wait a minute, give the guy a chance

Perhaps there might be something in it, do you sing or dance?”

“Oh no’’ replied the centipede, “I simply have the knack

So now if we are both agreed, please roll on to your back” 


And so the little leggy bug, climbed on the Lion’s belly

And he began to jitterbug, and wobble like a jelly!

A hundred little hairy feet, you should have seen him wiggle

Said Lion “I admit defeat” as he began to giggle


The centipede crawled round and round, the Lion shrieked with


The den filled with the sound of joy and so it was thereafter

“You saved me in my hour of need, by being so persistent

I’ll make you, Mr Centipede, my personal assistant”


So, here’s a lesson for you all, don’t be so disbelieving

They said too ugly and too small, but looks can be deceiving

“Out of my bed you made me budge, you helped me to recover

   From now on I will never judge, a bug just by its cover”

by Judy Davies

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