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What's it like to be part of a Community Cast with Lîla Dance?

| Thu 18 Nov 2021

This month we had the joy of working with  Lîla Dance and bringing together a community cast for a segment of their show ,The Hotel Experience.

Lou Rogers the producer of the show tells us a bit about it's creation “We wanted to create something magical, something filmic that also had a clear narrative and was accessible to audiences who might have never seen dance before. We knew that we had to create something that could work in both traditional theatre spaces and also in village halls, schools and community spaces as we love rural touring! We love our set - it comes apart, spins, tips and creates different spaces. Suitcases become minibars and speakers and karaoke machines.” 

When  Lîla Dance  first spoke to us about how they work with community casts for the show we thought it was such a lovely opportunity for people in our community to be part of this exciting show. When we asked Lou why they wanted a community cast, she spoke about how much they enjoyed working with different communities when touring the show pre-pandemic, they’d worked with “dance students, intergenerational casts where the youngest was 11 and the oldest was 80, school groups and groups where they have never danced before". Lou went on to say, “We love inviting people to dance on stage with us and learn from our professional dancers. It's a surprise for the audience and the groups get so much out of it - they become very loyal Lila fans! it's so amazing to be able to bring the extended cast back on stage with us at artdepot.” 

We asked a couple of the participants how they found the experience and here’s what they had to say:  

“I felt that this experience proves that we just need some motivation to do great things. The way that the company approached us was always very kind and exciting. I got to learn a lot by observing the way they organized the performance and how the movement becomes richer with voice, facial expressions, props, lights, and everything that helps to create the right environment for the audience. It was a pleasure to participate in such a vibrant piece and I can't wait to see was Lila's Dance will do next!” Diana Sofia Paredes De Oliveira

“Thank you for the opportunity, I have really enjoyed being a part of the community cast! I loved the company's approach to warm ups and will definitely implement some stuff that I learned in my own work, it was very inspiring!” Emilia Nurmukhametova

The Hotel Experience also had brilliant feedback from audiences.  

"truly breathtaking…incredibly clever, captivating, energetic and technically stunning" 
"absolutely fabulous in every way – beautifully created from beginning to end, superb choreography"   
"We’ve never seen live dance before. They are so strong and athletic. We enjoyed it very much"  
"I can’t wait for them to come back…I’ll definitely take part again"

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