Uninvited Guests

Uninvited Guests

Residency Dates: Tue 5 - Sat 9 Jan / Wed 13 - Sun 17 April 2016

Bristol-based Uninvited Guests are Paul Clarke, Richard Dufty and Jessica Hoffmann. The company’s work has toured nationally and internationally. They create entertaining and provocative performance that combines high-tech with low tech, the visceral with the virtual. Previous work includes: It Is Like It Ought To Be: A Pastoral (Herald Angel Award Winner 2007), Make Better Please, Give Me Back My Broken Night, The Good Neighbour, a son et lumière for Tate Britain’s John Martin: Apocalypse exhibition. Currently touring: This Last Tempest.

Rage Against the Dying of the Light (working title)
Uninvited Guests' new show is an inquisitive look at anger, crisis and destruction in the world we are living in. Following-on from the company's critically acclaimed, Love Letters Straight From Your Heart and Make Better Please, Rage will be also be participative and created with the audience who come to it.

Twitter: @UGuests

This residency is supported by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation

This residency is part A Nation's Theatre Festival - a celebration of UK creativity. Theatre-makers from outside London will be presenting and developing shows across the capital April - May 2016.