Child holding up a red glittery octopus mask

Talking in Class

Talking in Class was a pilot project produced by artsdepot, using spoken word, storytelling and drama to improve speech, listening and communication skills for children in Key Stage 1. Over a year, three artists worked with 30 students from The Hyde School and 30 from Parkfield Primary School to run weekly sessions aiming to achieve the following outcomes:

  • The children will learn a wider range of sounds and words and will enjoy the creative approach to learning.
  • The children will learn about sentence structure and narrative flow developing and telling their own stories to the class.
  • At the end of the year of support the children will be able to take stories and use their imagination to turn them into performances. This will build their creativity and self confidence, stimulating their interest in learning and expanding their vocabulary and ability to understand the content of classes.
  • Students will find it easier to understand the content of classes and will be better able to develop and communicate ideas and responses.
  • The children will advance more rapidly at school achieving better educational outcomes.