Special Places Paintings

I am  a London-based watercolour artist and furniture up-cycler with a personal interest in borders (the map and international kind specifically, but who doesn't love the herbaceous variety?)  

I undertake commissions that combine different places in the world to create a 'one world' scene that highlights harmony and pattern over polarisation and conflict. This may be a response to where 'home' is, or may be a combination of your most cherished places in the world. I also makes cork map photo boards to collate your favourite travel life and home life memories.

Everything is bespoke, and hand-made from the lounge table! Prints of anything are also made to order.

10% of all payment goes to MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station) - if feels right to pay forward the privilege of freedom of movement to those who are persecuted for simply wanting the same.

My email address is franammataart@gmail.com or you can visit my website.

- Francesca

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