Special Places Paintings

I am a local artist, and run my family business travel business. Since business is not raring to go at the moment, I've made my side hustle in the form of watercolours and up-cycling old furniture, my main way of spending time (secondary of course to 24/7  parenting!).

I have 2 themes: My new theme is 'There's No Place Like Home' - which are small watercolours of Barnet. 

I also do very personal 'One-World Mash-ups' where people tell me their 2 or 3 favourite places in the world and I create a painting depicting them. I have attached my most recent one which is of Bali and Cape Town. It is for my daughter's teacher who took her and a group of her friends to the Barnet Dance Festival which took place at the Arts Depot just before lockdown!

At the moment all prints of my work are free of charge and I am covering materials, postage and packaging (contact Francesca here). Receiving art for free is a lovely thing and all I am asking for is a donation to an amazing cause (which you can donate to here)

- Francesca

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