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Social Impact Project with Sisterhood

For the third year of a three year project funded by Young Londoners Fund, we worked with design partner Sisterhood to build a 12-week programme with young people who attend Unitas. Unitas is a youth zone based in Colindale and works with young people aged 8 - 19 and with disabled young people up to age 25. The Youth Zone provides a safe environment where young people can enjoy themselves and enables young people to raise their aspirations and confidence to create a happier and healthier generation. Sisterhood are a creative design organisation primarily working with young girls to ‘unleash their creative confidence.’ For this project, they are worked with the group to support and empower them to create a social impact project. The group created a social impact project, called ‘Z’Owned’, focusing on “accessible spaces in the local community e.g café, library, shop, gym to host a specific time where young girls can get involved in all sort of classes". For more information about the project, please see the PDF and video. Social impact projects are solutions and / or interventions created by young people to to make a positive difference towards a particular challenge or issue that impacts them, their communities or the world at large.

Some examples of social impact projects created previously are a documentary created by young footballers to address gender stereotype in football and encourage more girls to play the sport, or a campaign that addresses and celebrates natural beauty from diverse cultures and how seeing real representation of beauty can have a positive impact on your body image and self-esteem to a community intervention that aims to make young people’s walks to school safer by creating colourful alleyways to bring awareness to street harassment and make public spaces usable again.