Two performers sit opposite eachother, one holds a water bottle with water pouring out and the other lights a match


Residency dates: Mon 22 - Fri 26 Nov 2021

ShyBairn devise live performance for social change. They collaborate with artists & communities to make theatre that elevates issues concerning contemporary Britain. They were awarded the Live Theatre Bursary 2020 to create their second show, BURNOUT which they began in R&D at Live in May 2021, funded by Arts Council England. They’re looking forward to developing BURNOUT into a production ready show in this residency with artsdepot.

‘Like the planet I’m trying to save I am screaming - and you want me to speak of hope?’

Amara meets Bridgette at a protest, one of them, ‘hippy, green save-the-planet’ things. She’s just popped out to grab some milk and now she’s late - and there's a flood coming.

Set in Cumbria during flooding, BURNOUT explores the impact of climate crisis on marginalised communities. Made in consultation with UK climate activists, it’s a call to action for audiences to think about privilege, activism & climate justice.

Find ShyBairn Matter online:
Twitter: @shybairntheatre
Instagram: @shybairntheatre