Section of a landscape painting by artist KAZLAND

Q&A with visual artist KAZLAND

| Thu 1 Jun 2017

Can you tell us a bit about your practice?

It’s mostly a cycle of making a mess and tidying up. Finding order in chaos.Painting over the bad bits and keeping the good and creating something worthwhile with the remaining pieces.. trying not to ruin it.

You have a really distinctive visual language. What influences have contributed to your aesthetic?

I grew up watching a lot of cartoons. And still do. Cartoons are VERY important.

You seem to have a prolific practice. Does this drive to create come naturally or is it a discipline you’ve cultivated over time?

I find if I stop working I struggle to get started again. And I get weirdly superstitious about my working habits. If I have a particularly good day I’ll try and replicate it to help finish difficult paintings. It totally doesn’t work.. but one day it might.

When you’re in your studio, what’s the one thing you can’t be without?

Other than the boring obvious stuff like paint, a good white pencil, and sunlight.. I’d say cartoons (they’re important).

In an interview you said your dream commission would be to paint Tim Curry on a banquet dining table, for Tim Curry, which sounds brilliant. Can you share with us why Tim Curry is your ultimate fantasy subject/client?

At the time it just seemed like a good way to meet my favourite actor. It’ll happen one day.

Thank you for talking to us KAZLAND!

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