Proto-type Theater begin their R&D Residency

| Mon 9 Jan 2017

As Proto-type Theater begin their Creation Space R&D residency, we caught up with them to find out a bit more about what they'll be working on during their time with us.

Can you tell us about Proto-type Theater?

We are a company of multi-disciplinary artists led by Rachel Baynton, Gillian Lees, and Andrew Westerside. We’ve been working together as Proto-type for the past 8 years and in that time have made lots of different performance work including touring theatre (A Machine they’re Secretly Building), a two-week long pervasive technology adventure (Fortnight), a multimedia concert-performance with a live laptop orchestra and animation (The Good, the God and the Guillotine), and a radio drama with the BBC (The Forgotten Suffragette).

How would you describe the work you create?

This definitely alters depending on what we’re working on at any one time – but at the moment… playful, precise and political.

What will you be working on during your residency at artsdepot?

We are right at the very beginning of a new idea, which is an exciting and also nervy place to be. This is why we’re so grateful to artsdepot for providing us with some time and space to research, play and test things out.

We worked on a show in 2015, A Machine they’re Secretly Building, where we responded to Edward Snowden’s revelations and talked about spies, lies and government surveillance. During the research for that piece, we discovered time and time again, that all our concerns around privacy, citizenship, governmental power and personal freedom came straight back to money.

Now that A Machine they’re Secretly Building is made and out on tour, we want to follow the money… So - we now have a working title, The Audit, and we're going to start asking questions about cash, trying to shine some light on the hidden economic systems that govern how we live our lives.

Which elements of the project will you be developing while you’re here?

We are right at the very beginning, we’re going to be working out what we know, what we don’t yet know and what we didn’t even know we needed to know. We’re especially going to be interested in what the financial powers-that-be don’t want us to know! Essentially, we hope to find the angle, the story that makes sense of the complex (and corrupt) systems that we live and work in, and aren’t always aware of.

When we are making work we try to encounter lots of different thoughts and opinions to our own, so we’re also hoping to talk with the team at artsdepot, and with anyone happy to chat to us, about their relationship with money and how that affects their relationship with the world. Get in touch!

What the most useful thing to have with you in the rehearsal room?

We all had a different answer to this…
Gillian: An open mind (and Google)
Rachel: Courage and curiosity!
Wes: Patience
Twitter: @proto_type

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