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Pebble Gorge reflect on their Creation Space R&D Residency

| Thu 2 Jun 2016

Pebble Gorge recently joined us for their two week Creation Space R&D residency exploring ideas towards a new children's studio show Star Light. We caught up with them to find out how their ideas for this new interactive journey through space developed during their time here.

Which particular elements of the project did you focus on during your residency?

We have been working on testing out some of the technology that we would like to use for the show, exploring how young children respond to instructions given through headphones and how they respond to projections. We have also created a narrative arc for the show with lots of ideas for characters, as well as a model for the set.

Were there any surprises? Did you make any new discoveries about the project?

We had lots of interesting ideas for the show and explored a number of different narratives, it was a real joy to work with such a talented and experienced team so we were able to test out ideas quickly. The children who came to the workshops really enjoyed the simple mock ups we created and loved our space tricks to create the illusion of weightlessness.

Did you bring in any collaborators?

We spent a really interesting day with Sophie Kirk, an astrophysicist from the Winchester Science Centre, who helped us get a better understanding of space travel and our solar system. She really blew our minds!

Did this residency enable you to do anything that you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to do?

The residency enabled us to bring together an amazing creative team to work intensively over the two weeks. It was really helpful to be able to immerse ourselves in the project in this way.

What are your next steps for this project?

We will now be seeking funding to realise the show, and hope to develop the relationships with our supporting organisations.

What else are you working on at the moment?

We are touring You're Getting Warmer an interactive outdoor adventure for children aged 7+ and their families, about the effects of climate change in the UK. For more info please visit our website.
Twitter: @pebblegorge
Facebook: /PebbleGorge

This residency is supported by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation
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