watercolour flowers

Lockdown Company

These pieces are called Lockdown Company and are watercolour on arches paper 35cm L x 25cm W. They feature my potted plants, some of which were my grandmothers, which I rediscovered as friends during lockdown.

During lockdown being far from friends and family, I looked to my potted plants for company, studying their shape and form, talking to them. They helped me process grief during this time. It soothes me to know some of these plants had also kept generations of my family company for some years. In many ways they represent an “everyday joy” during a sad time, when I look to my Christian faith and a creator-God for comfort. These paintings represent that time and those juxtaposed feelings of loss & comfort, company & isolation, loneliness and friendship, all at the same time

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- Alice Gavin Atashkar

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