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Lockdown Art Mini-Exhibition

| Tue 22 Sep 2020

In March 2020, artsdepot along with the rest of the UK went into lockdown. During this strange time, parents became 24/7 teachers and boredom preventers.

Despite the strange circumstances, there has still be plenty of creativity. Throughout the last few months, artsdepot invited artists big and small to send us pictures of art they created at home. This features in the online exhibition Lockdown Art, which can be viewed here.

The artsdepot team have been blown away by the work created by the children in our neighbourhood. As part of the building reopening, we are celebrating their work. The Lockdown Art Mini-Exhibition features art created by children aged 6 - 14, and some of the stories behind them.

The Lockdown Art Mini-Exhibition will be on display on our Level 2 Exhibition Wall from Tue 29 Sep - Tue 10 Nov, and is free to view.

Taking part in the Lockdown Art Mini-Exhibition are:

Calum (Age 6)
Genesis (Age 7)
Louis (Age 10)
Anvar (Age 10)
Leo (Age 12)
Emma (Age 12)
Fionn (Age 14)

Here are profiles of two of these young artists: 

Emma (Age 12) 

"I’ve always liked to doodle. I looked up some ideas and then the doodling just became these beautiful patterns. I find drawing like this so calming and I find it quite easy to let my thoughts wander with my hands!

Lockdown for me was ok - it gave me space and time to do lots of drawing, painting, reading, as well as hanging out with my family (My mum, dad and younger brother, Owen). I was worried about the virus, and I worried about my grandparents, and also I worried that I’d get behind on my school work."

See Emma's artwork

Calum (Age 6)

"I created my paintings because I wanted to paint. Painting calms me. I got the idea of not using paintbrushes and instead squeezing out the paint and letting it drip down. I put a piece of paper at the bottom so that the paint wouldn’t drip onto the floor. Lockdown was boring."

See Calum's artwork

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