Big Foot

HighRise Theatre: Big Foot

Work in progress performance as part of Room: Mixed Bill 1 on Wed 16 Nov 2016.

New work from HighRise Theatre exploring love, life and masculinity, Big Foot is an autobiographical story from HighRise co-artistic director Joseph Barnes-Phillips.

Joseph tells of the euphoric highs of teenage London and the crushing lows of navigating his mother's illness. With Guyanese folk stories, grime music and a bulldozer of energy, Big Foot is an honest portrayal of becoming a man and the weight that comes with it.

HighRise are a theatre collective who seek to spark conversation and build bridges between forgotten communities by representing the rhythm of the streets. With family roots spreading five continents they have a unique approach to telling stories.

Their core aim is to use inner-city memories, culture and music to give the unheard a voice through theatre.

As well as creating acclaimed shows and experiences, HighRise have a foot in several communities across London, where their work with and for disaffected young people has bred positivity, inclusivity and creativity.

Big Foot is supported by Stratford Circus Arts Centre and Black Theatre Live.
Twitter: HighRise_UK