Greg Wohead in floods

Greg Wohead is ready for his residency

| Fri 7 Sep 2018

Greg Wohead is our first residency artist of Autumn 2018, and has settled in nicely into the Creation Space. We caught up with him to get a glimpse into his working process.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I tend to called myself a writer, performer and live artist. I mostly make and tour theatre performances in the UK and other countries, but I also sometime make performances that don’t take place in theatres or in a traditional set up. I’m from Texas originally, and I think my American-ness comes out in my work, but at the same time I have been living in the UK for 13 years, so I consider myself very much a part of the UK artistic community and in some ways a British artist.

How would you describe the work that you create?

I have made solo performances that I have performed myself as well as collaborative pieces with other artists. Maybe the best way to describe the type of work I create is to describe some of my actual work. There’s The Ted Bundy Project, which is an exploration of morbid curiosity using a serial killer’s confession tapes. There’s also Comeback Special, which is a strange kind of re-enactment of Elvis Presley’s 1968 Comeback Special exploring contemporary masculinity, visibility and desire. And there’s Celebration, Florida, which is a show performed by two new unrehearsed performers each time who are guided through the show via headphones.

What will you be working on during your residency at artsdepot?

I’ll be working on a new show called In Floods, which centres around the act of crying; what it is physical, how it’s a manifestion of emotions, the uses of crying and why we do it. Some of that exploration is looking into my own autobiography and the stories of close loved ones. I’m also reading Sara Ahmed’s The Cultural Politics of Emotion, so linking the personal exploration of emotions into wider cultural and political structures; how structures influence personal emotions and how personal emotions influence structures.

What elements of the project will you be developing while you’re here?

I’m at the very beginning of the process for this project, so I am feeding myself with a lot of reading and also doing a lot of writing while I’m here as well as developing some possible ideas for sound and music for the project.

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