Blarnet Welcomes You Exhibition

Tue 12 Dec 2023 – Fri 5 Jan 2024

Apthorp Gallery

Wide shot of the exhibition space, where a futuristic world has been crafted out of cardboard and sustainable materials. Spiralling cardboard roads are hung from the ceilings with cardboard houses. The image is illuminated with atmospheric lights in blues, reds, yellows and purples.

This event has now finished.

One headed human or fifty-foot-nineteen-headed flying squid? All are welcome here - move to Blarnet now!

We’re thrilled to unveil Blarnet, a town created for all species (supernatural and natural-natural alike). At this immersive exhibition you can explore, hear and see this installation, and decide if this is the kind of place you’d like to live. You can even add a house of your own. 

 Blarnet has it all: UFO grocery delivery, a Respawn Centre, a Memory Deposit Bank, a giant Snowman. There’s even a place where there’s no WIFI. And a KFC! 

 Not only that, but Blarnet is currently taking applications for new residents! Come and meet your potential new neighbours: Ski-Slope (a 10 legged, leaf-eating, beach-dwelling octopus), Timmy the Turtle (bird head, multiple arms) and The Dog (terrifying… avoid at all cost). 

Blarnet was created by expert creative urban planners at Hyde School, Orion School and Northgate School and The New Ancient Old Blarnet New Town Urban Planning Committee (GeoTone CIC and Andrew T Henderson). 

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