Boost in Culture Funding for Young People in Barnet

Thu 18 Jan 2024

Barnet and Culture for Youth has secured £500K to support the cultural education of young people in Barnet. The funding from Arts Council England, Barnet Council and John Lyon's Charity, will support activity for home schooled children and schools.


Arts activities for young people in Barnet have received a boost over the next three years, through an enhanced programme of work announced today by the Barnet and Culture for Youth partnership. The partnership of over 120 members, Chaired by Sharon Broughall (CEO of Barent Education Arts Trust) and managed by artsdepot, has secured £500k to increase access to culture and artists for children and young people.

Over the next three years, B&CY aims to impact the lives of over 8,000 children and young people, focusing on those excluded from mainstream education, faith and home-schooled individuals, and those with Special Educational Needs. This initiative builds upon the partnership’s six years of successful work and is part of a broader five-year strategy to ensure every young person in Barnet has equitable access to enriching cultural experiences both within and beyond school.

The funding will be allocated to support:

  • Creative learning events for home schooled children
  • Touring shows for Faith Schools
  • Artist Residencies in SEN Schools
  • A rolling creative learning programme for young people at the Pavilion Study Centre enabling those removed from mainstream education to access enriched learning opportunities, motivating attendance and building self-belief.
  • Microgrants to support schools to bring in artists, fostering collaborations between students and professionals to ignite creativity within educational settings.
  • Networking, training and professional development for artists and educators.

Sharon Broughall – B&CY Chair (and CEO of Barnet Education Arts Trust) said:
“This multi-year initiative underscores the commitment of the Barnet and Culture for Youth partnership to create a lasting impact on the lives of young people by fostering a love for the arts, nurturing creativity, and promoting inclusive cultural experiences”.

Barnet & Culture for Youth is a Cultural Education Partnership for Barnet bringing together 14 founding partners and over 120 arts and schools partners in support of our mission to provide a rich cultural education for every child and young person in Barnet. The founding members/steering committee includes artsdepot (lead administrator), LBB Schools Improvement Service, LBB Libraries, Middlesex University, Barnet Education Arts Trust, Unitas Youth Zone, RAF Museum, Young Barnet Foundation and representatives from primary, secondary, PRU and SEN schools. Membership is free and open to schools and any organisations, individuals or artists working with young people in Barnet. Read more about Barnet & Culture for Youth

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