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Barnet & Culture for Youth Advocates

What is Barnet & Culture for Youth Advocates?

Join Barnet & Culture for Youth Advocates and develop your ideas and confidence to make a change. You'll have a platform to explore issues about arts and culture in Barnet that are important to you and your opinions will be listened to. As B&CY Advocates you’ll have access to stimulating workshops with artists such as Belarus Free Theatre and you'll learn skills such as how to run a social media campaign, and how to use your voice to challenge the status quo. You’ll learn more about creative careers and hear from a variety of artists and people working in the arts about their pathways into the creative industries. It is free to join B&CY Advocates. 

What we'll be doing:

You’ll take part in sessions like:

  • Arts Education - What is arts education? Why is it beneficial? What’s on offer in Barnet?
  • Advocacy and Activism for the Arts - Working with theatre company Belarus Free Theatre, you’ll look at how arts can be used as a form for activism.
  • Diverse Arts Curriculum - What’s currently being taught as part of arts education? What’s missing?
  • Access to the Arts - What barriers are there for people being able to access the arts?
  • Creative Careers and setting up your own organisation - you’ll hear from artists about their creative career pathways, be able to ask them questions and hear from young people who have set up their own organisations. 
  • Young Trustees - What is a young trustee? Why is it important that young people’s voices are heard on boards? 

As well as these workshops, you will have time to work with your peers to design your own creative project about something you’re passionate about. 

Where and When? 

B&CY Advocates will meet roughly every 3 weeks, on Mondays this year: 28 Jun, 19 Jul, 13 Sep, 27 Sep, 18 Oct, 8 Nov, 29 Nov & 13 Dec.

Sessions will usually take place at artsdepot (under COVID guidelines) from 6pm. If sessions cannot take place in person, they will be on Zoom. 

On Mon 13 Dec, there will be a celebration event where you can share your creative project with your family and friends. 

Who’s it for?

Anyone with a connection to Barnet aged 14 - 21. We are looking for young people with an interest in and passion for the arts which could be anything from drama to film to visual arts.

Barnet & Culture for Youth Advocates are always looking for new young people to join us. If you would like to take part in the program, please complete this sign up form and we will be in touch:

If you have any questions, contact Francesca on