You, Me, the World & Barnet

take stock exchange and artsdepot invite you to join a storytelling project, which will bring the community of Barnet together to share stories about the local area.

Who’s involved?
take stock exchange is an organisation that uses storytelling and conversation to bring communities together. Their work enables people to celebrate and question, and explore the past, present and future of themselves and the places they live and work. TSX is collaboratively run by Nick Cassenbaum and Olly Hawes, both experienced theatre-makers and performers. 

How does it work?
Starting in January, Olly and Nick will meet online with a wide range of local groups to empower people to share stories, ideas and opinions about their experiences living and working in the local area. These stories will then be shared with the other groups take stock exchange are working with, and vice versa - a story exchange, connecting people to others within their community. Finally, at the project's culmination, TSX will create a unique podcast featuring the stories they have gathered throughout the project.

This project gives everyone an opportunity to be creative and express themselves, and also to learn more about the lives of other local people. 

take stock exchange's most recent project was with Poplar. It was the first project they had delivered remotely. Similar to what they plan for Barnet, at the end of the project they created a podcast featuring the stories they'd gathered, which you can listen to here.

How can I take part?
Groups can take part in one, two or all parts of the project and participation is free. TSX will work with groups of up to 30 participants, and will be delivering the workshops from January 2021. If your group is interested in taking part, or if you have any questions, please contact Francesca Cross by emailing

The project is part of Here and Now: Celebrating the National Lottery 25th Anniversary, funded by Arts Council England. Read more about Here and Now

Nick and Olly from take stock exchange explain how the project works: