A dancer pictured outside, almost in silhouette. Their arms are stretched out by their sides and blue circles have been added to the image around their hands.

Work with Neon Dance as a Cultural Connector

Published: Tue 13 Apr 2021

Neon Dance is looking for a London-based Cultural Connector (aged 16 - 24) to work alongside the company ahead of their workshop at artsdepot in June. You'll act as a bridge between Neon Dance, their new work Prehension Blooms and your local community.

This is a paid role and is ideal for someone with an interest in contemporary dance and / or robotics, or who is interested in developing skills in creating participatory events. 

1) Encourage young people in your area to take part in Neon Dance's Dance & Robots Workshop at artsdepot on Sat 12 Jun 2021. 

2) Create a small, accessible activity for people in your local community that responds to one (or more) of Neon Dance's themes (loneliness, isolation, companionship and robotics). 

The fee is £500 with a budget of £200 to create your own community activity.

Deadline: 6pm on Friday 7 May

Find out more and how to apply on Neon Dance's website