life size sculpture of seated man made of pebbles

Who's Who


Tracy Cooper
Chief Executive

Ron Clarke
Finance & Operations Director

Tim Burley
Development Director

Louisa Bartlett-Pestell
Director of Programming

Helen Draper
Head of Marketing & Communications

Fay Diliani
Hires & Events Manager

Natalie Gavin-Downs
Visitor Services Manager

Katie Burse
Programming & Participation Manager

Andy Divers
Technical Manager



Andrew Hurst  - Acting Chair
Rolanda Hyams - Hon. Treasurer
Jenny Afia
Jeanette Bain-Burnett
Emma Bier
Liz McCarthy
Martin Norwood
Nick Pelmont
Kemal Sahin
Tony Shepherd
Cllr John Hart
Cllr David Longstaff
Cllr Lisa Rutter

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