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What did young people think about MINE?

| Wed 27 Mar 2019

We invited four young people who either came to our Minecraft Design Workshops or Minecraft Gaming Zone to watch MINE, Theatre Replacement’s performance about mother/son relationship to Minecraft, and write a review about it.

This involved attending a workshop here at artsdepot, run by young critic Daniella Harrison, to learn more about what makes a good review.

Here’s what they thought…

"I liked the theme of The Child Who Was Born On The Space, and how they had to make a 'space station' on the 'Moon' after defeating the dangerous Ender Dragon. I quite liked how different themes - such as Beowulf and The Terminator - were used to show the relationship between mothers and sons. I would recommend this show to ten-year-olds who are Minecraft fans." (read the full review)

"One thing I found interesting is the three screens which showed different perspectives of different people ... Another thing that was good is that the actors interacted with the audience in a ‘fishing scene’. The music was a big part too, the pitch and tempo really expressed the mood and emotion." (read the full review)

"I would recommend MINE to gaming parents and children all over the world ... Overall I think it was amazing and it made me feel excited but because most of the action was performed in Minecraft it felt more like watching a film than a play." (read the full review)

"In the performance I love how it's live on Minecraft, for example in the terminator storyline they had a factory which is different every time or at the end with everyone on horses going different ways. Also at the start I enjoyed watching the kids having fun playing Minecraft" (read the full review)


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