Robert Beck: Mimi Martini Wants her Ex-Boyfriend Back

Robert Beck as Miss Mimi Martini in: Mimi Martini Wants her Ex-Boyfriend Back

Work in progress performance as part of Room: Mixed Bill 2 on Fri 18 Nov.

She tried to be stronger on her own but realised that she really doesn't believe in life after love. She can't live if living is without him and she isn't sure that she's going to survive.

Combining multiple genres of comedy, drag, spoken word, and lip sync; join Mimi Martini as she explores modern-day love and how technology, the media, and Pokémon Go have all fundamentally changed the way we search for that one special person!

Mimi Martini is the creation of the performer and director, Robert Beck. She's sharp, sophisticated, and sassy yet somehow always ends up bogged down by the complexities of modern, urban living.

Twitter: @robertjamesbeck
Facebook: /robertjamesbeck
Instagram: @robster_15