Proto-type Theater

Residency Dates: Mon 9 Jan – Fri 20 Jan 2017

Proto-type Theater is a company of multi-disciplinary artists led by Rachel Baynton, Gillian Lees and Andrew Westerside. They create original performance work that is diverse in scale, subject and medium. Recently, this has included touring theatre (A Machine they’re Secretly Building), site-specific installation (Through the Walls), a two-week long theatrical experience using pervasive technologies (Fortnight), and a multimedia concert-performance featuring a live laptop orchestra and animation (The Good, the God and the Guillotine). They have been making and producing work since 1997 in the US, the Netherlands, Russia, China, Armenia, France, Zimbabwe and the UK. Founded in New York City (1997–2006), Proto-type relocated to the North-West of England (2006-14), and are now based in Lincoln’s Cathedral Quarter. Critics have called their work "an intriguing brush with altered reality" (New York Times), "daring, experimental and theatrically engaging" (Theatremania) and "enthralling" (Zambezi News).

During their time at artsdepot, Proto-type Theater carried out research and development towards a new piece that explored the mechanisms of greed, the union of economics and power, and how our relationship to money defines our relationship to the world. They turned a questioning eye and pointed a finger at big business, the shared illusion of currency and the hidden monetary systems that govern how we live our lives, The Audit (working title) will be the second in a series of performed works looking at notions of power, privilege, secrecy and ‘us versus them’. It follows on from A Machine they’re Secretly Building (2016) - a powerful, factual and wry expose of spies, lies and government surveillance that responds to the impact of the Snowden revelations.
Twitter: @proto_type