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Several Papier-mâché figurines are posed on a table in an art studio. Some of the figurines are fully coated in Papier-mâché, whilst others are still wire frames. Colourful artwork is hanging in the background.

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Thanks to generous funding from Arts Council England and the John Lyon’s Foundation artsdepot has been able to continue our long-standing relationship with The Pavilion Pupil Referral Unit – delivering termly creative projects based on student’s interests and exploring creative careers.

In the Autumn 23/Spring 24 Whetsone site students are taking part in Styles of Sculpture, a project with artist Emma Cole that experiments with different types of sculpture, exploring different styles, materials and artists. This includes relief, figurative, geometric, abstract, and natural styles. The project culminates in creating a larger group work that will be displayed in the May Half-term Youth Arts Exhibition at artsdepot.

In Spring 24 Meadway site students are taking part in Perspectives, with Sketch Appeal Founding Director Dulcie Ball. This creative empowerment project uses playful, proven drawing methodologies to help people develop their confidence, social skills and sense of self. It provides time and space for students to express themselves freely, with the key focus on experimenting, exploring, and expressing their own unique style and creative voice – celebrating individuality and difference.

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