a colourful tree

Pictures of Pokemon and the Tree of Memories

These paintings are the work of Anvar, who is 10 years old. All of these were made in the past couple of weeks.

1. Togedemaru. He is Anvar's favourite pokemon and he likes drawing him often. 
Media: Pencil, felt tip pens

2. The Tree of memories and emotions. During lockdown we are glad we have memories to remember good things we did - travelling, sightseeing, meeting people. "Memories are always coming in and sometimes are forgotten - this is when they fall like leaves", Anvar explained.
Media used: acrylic paint, felt tip pens and pencil.

3. Snorlax. Another drawing made is a pokemon called Snorlax. He is a round type of pokemon Anvar likes. "During quarantine we sleep more and become a bit like him", he said.
Media: pencil, felt tip pens

Anvar (submitted with help from Zaynab)

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