paintings of trees

Pastoral Paintings

I am a self-taught artist based in Mill Hill, North London. I moved to London from Russia in 2010 and joined mentoring sessions for artists at the Insight School of Art in Whetstone in 2017. 

I am inspired by the beauty of nature around us - its colours, light, shape, ever changing scenery… My work is filled by my personal, sentimental experiences and nostalgic memories; painting is my way to re-connect with places and moments that are precious to me. 

More recently, I have been recording North London scenes I come across every day. During the lockdown I continued to paint a local landscape, particularly around Mill Hill, where I spend a lot of time walking with my family and my dog. 

I work mainly in oils, in style that refences Realism and Romanticism.

For more information please visit my website or contact me directly ( You can also follow me on Instagram @dianasandetskaya.  

- Diana Sandetskaya

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